Reviewing a Classic: Back to the Future

Hey everyone, as part of my studies at university I was tasked with writing a short review about a movie of my choice. I decided to choose a classic that I believe everyone should have watched at least once: Back to the Future. Hoping that you will like it as much as my tutor did – the review and the movie – I am sharing it with you right here. Enjoy!

Back to the Future is the first of three action packed science-fiction comedies about Marty McFly and his time travels. The story begins in 1985 where his friend Doctor Emmet Brown (aka ‘Doc’) invents a time machine in form of a DeLorean sports car. Marty is accidentally sent to the year 1955 where he seeks the help of Doc’s younger counterpart to find an energy source to power the DeLorean and get back to the present (or from Doc’s point of view, the future, hence the title). However, things get complicated as Marty runs into his young mother who falls in love with him. Now he has to find his young father, who is a complete loser that his mother isn’t attracted to at all, and make them fall in love with each other, otherwise he will never be born and simply fade away.

Back to the Future is not the best movie in the world but probably the one with the highest ‘re-watch’ value I have ever encountered. The characters are well thought out, and the comedic situations they are put in as well as their reactions to it are guaranteed to make you laugh if not at least chuckle and smile. Together with the captivating musical score and a compelling story, this movie will glue you to your seats every time.

If you want the comedy of ‘Forrest Gump’ with less drama combined with the action of ‘Indiana Jones’ and an added element of ‘The Time Machine’, Back to the Future is for you. And even if you are not into any of these things, I recommend giving it a try and watching it anyway.

My favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks


Screen Shot sleepimageMy favourite little thing about OS X Mavericks is the fact that the sleepimage file in private/var/vm is no longer the size of your complete physical RAM anymore! It’s much smaller, like only the active part or a compressed version or something. My sleepimage used to be 8 GB, now it’s only 1.1 GB! For someone like me who is always running low on hard drive space, this is a big relief!

RealLife Comics

I have long enjoyed the webcomic RealLife. The first strip was published on November 15, 1999 and Greg Dean, the author, has been putting out new strips ever since. Though I didn’t start reading the comic until around 2003, I have read every strip. The majority made me laugh, some just made me smile, but some were so hilarious that I decided to bookmark them. And instead of keeping those bookmarks to myself, I will share my favorite RealLife Comic strips with you.

I did not embed all strips directly into this post, because A) that would take up too much space and B) I want to give some traffic (and kudos!)

On the topic of nerdiness
Geek Olympics (October 03, 2000)
Can’t Hit Macs (November 27, 2000) (the one you see above)
L33tness (February 22, 2001)
All Your Base (April 13, 2001)
Network Cable (April 19, 2001)
Over-clocked Hamster (April 30, 2002)
Xtreme Spam Deleting (January 21, 2004)
Service Pack 2 (August 13, 2004)

On the topic of games and LAN-parties
UT 2003 (September 19, 2002)
Redeemer (January 10, 2003)
What’s Unreal Tournament? (February 04, 2003)
Counter-Strike (May 24, 2004)

On the topic of food & drinks
Damn (December 29, 2000)
Water. Astounding. (May 20, 2002)
I Won’t Believe That’s Butter! (February 19, 2002)

On the topic of interesting facts
At The Movie Theatre (May 10, 2002)
Human Reaction #243 (January 08, 2003)

On the topic of plain silliness
Weather Phenomenon (February 21, 2001)
The Muffin (December 06, 2001)
End Freeway (June 11, 2002)
Fuego! (February 27, 2004)

I know, these are all pretty old, but the new ones are good, too, I promise! Here’s an example:
Episode VII (October 31, 2012)
Tell me which ones you like best in the comments!

And I thought strafe-jumping was leet

If you enjoy mastering a videogame to the degree of knowing and abusing every glitch and mechanical anomaly (e.g. strafe-jumping in Quake), or if you’re just plain nuts, you will enjoy this video:

Item abuse 2 TAS in 7:37.83

They make these things tool-assisted for a reason. o_O 

Do you have any other similarly crazy videos? Share in the comments! Or just go to and pick your favourite.

Star Wars Games Retrospective

In 2008, an intriguing review documentary-like series of all Star Wars video games was posted on I wanted to share these incredible ten episodes with my audience ever since they were posted, but never got around to it. Now that the original videos on seem to have disappeared, I give you this easy-to-use link by link list of all the episodes.

Tell me what you think of the videos! I find them to be very accurate and rich with Star Wars facts, yet still providing insight to someone who has never played any of those games.

Episode I
Episode II
Episode III
Episode IV
Episode V
Episode VI
Episode VII
Episode VIII
Episode IX
Episode X